Natasha Ragsdale

Founder and Editor in Chief Natasha Ragsdale is an expat with five cats, a Japanese firebelly salamander, and a husband, who all live on the island of Okinawa in a formidable, … Read More

April Langholz

Co-Founder and Contributing Artist April Langholz is a free spirit living in the wrong era with her cattle dog and daughter in upstate New York. She has experimented with various … Read More

Owen Habel

Co-founder and Contributing Writer Owen Habel, Writer, playwright, poet, lover of art. Owen loves volunteering and giving back to the global and Kenyan community whenever an opportunity to do so … Read More

Ema Soleil

Web Designer and Contributing Artist Ema Soleil is a world traveler, with her dog Lili. She projects herself and experiences through her many arts, from photography to music. She creates … Read More

Mark William Gullick

Columnist Mark Gullick is from London, England, but has relocated to Costa Rica. He has a PhD in philosophy, lived on a canal boat for ten years, and can read … Read More

Raelena Wanderlust

Contributing Writer Raelena Wanderlust resides in Naha, Okinawa where she enjoys getting dirty on organic farms, exploring neglected beaches, connecting with other travel junkies and sharing home cooked fusion meals … Read More

Cameron Grey Rose

Contributing Writer Cameron Grey Rose was born in Arizona but grew up in the Pacific Northwest and studied creative writing and journalism at The Evergreen State College. After moving to … Read More

JH Adams

Film Columnist JH Adams lives in Central New York State where he works as a cinema and screen studies professor, teaching college students how to make films. He’s also an … Read More

Donald J. Salmon II

Contributing Writer Donald John Salmon II, This 90’s nostalgia addict is an active duty service member in the good ol’ U.S. of A. Raised a conservative and on Randian philosophy, … Read More

Megumi Moody

Photojournalist and Contributing Writer Megumi Moody is a California native, currently living in Dublin, Ireland. She is a classically trained environmental scientist, with writing experience in adventure cycling photojournalism. When … Read More

Stefanie Low

Contributing Writer A “Samantha Stevens” with the heart of a goth, I delight in spreading magick, merriment, and mischief along the Jersey shore. Being a Witch is the apple core … Read More

Neva Jeanne

Kids Corner Columnist I was born in Arizona. My birthday is November 14th, just to remind you… I lived in Texas for a while, and now live in Ireland. In … Read More